We all want to enjoy healthy eyes and clear vision for as long as we possibly can. Fortunately, there are things that we can do to help make this possible. It’s easy to think that protecting our eyes from obvious harm, such as the harsh effects of UV light or potential injury during an activity like welding or woodworking, is enough. However, there are many other things that we can do to keep our eyes functioning well for as long as possible. This includes taking supplements to help ensure that we get the right nutrition for our eyes to be healthy.

EyePromise offers a range of highly effective and expert-recommended nutritional supplements that are designed to support optimal eye health.

Why do I need to take nutritional supplements for my eyes?

Just like the rest of our body, our eyes need to receive a comprehensive influx of nutrients, including specific vitamins and minerals, to remain healthy. Over time, a lack of these could significantly increase the likelihood of us experiencing eye health and vision problems. The severity of these can vary, but they could be sufficient enough to affect our ability to work and our quality of life.

For example, antioxidants are essential for helping to combat oxidative stress that can negatively affect the cells of our body, including our eyes. A lack of antioxidants in our diet could increase our risk of developing eye issues caused by oxidative stress, such as keratoconus and macular degeneration. Some people are naturally at greater risk of specific eye problems too, either through their activities or their familial history, but these could be partly negated by eating the right nutrients.   

Examples of EyePromise Supplements

There are several different EyePromise Supplements. These include:

EyePromise EZ Tears: a supplement designed to help combat dry eyes – a condition that occurs when there isn’t enough oil in our natural tear film and that makes it less effective at keeping our eyes lubricated and comfortable. EyePromise EZ Tears contains high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids to boost the oil levels in your tear film, as well as increasing your intake of Vitamins A, E and D which are all vital for eye health.

EyePromise Zeaxanthin & Lutein: this supplement contains two key antioxidants that help fight damage caused by oxidative stress. The nutrients zeaxanthin and lutein reinforce the protective barrier of the retina and protect it against long-term damage.

EyePromise Restore: for comprehensive protection of the overall health and condition of your eyes, you should consider EyePromise Restore. This supplement contains a wide range of vitamins and amino acids to help protect your eyes against several diseases and damage from deterioration.

If you would like more information on the importance of nutritional supplements for your eyes, or to learn more about EyePromise, please speak to our dedicated eyecare specialists.

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